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About Us

For over forty three years THE SPECTRUM has been a leader in the presentation of American craft.

When two Rhode Island School of Design graduates first opened the doors to THE SPECTRUM in 1966, the concept of their store, to showcase only the handmade work of American craftsmen, was unique. The owners, craftsmen in laminated stained-glass, wished to sell their own work as well as that of other artists they had met at craft shows in New England. They recognized that this work represented remarkable talent, impeccable craftsmanship and lasting value.

The first SPECTRUM, in Cedarville, Mass., was once a 19th century one-room schoolhouse. Among the Plymouth Township students who attended the school between 1895 and 1900 were two great aunts of one of the owners. (In the second photo, they are the two girls in the center of the front row.) The schoolhouse had the original blackboards, which they used for price lists, and the school bell, which they rang when they had a sale. The owners also exhibited stained glass panels and accessories which they made using their patented process.

In July of 1970 THE SPECTRUM moved to new headquarters on scenic Route 6A, Cape Cod. One of the owners, an architect, designed the building. The concept of the design of the building was to combine the historic elements of Cape Cod architecture with a modern Asian influence. Gardens and serene courtyards surrounding the building are used to display sculptures and fountains and add to the sense that THE SPECTRUM is not just a store, but a place for lovers of fine craft and art to visit and enjoy.

The original owners were joined by a third partner in 1974. In the summer of 2000, THE SPECTRUM went online to provide a full-service shopping experience for those who want to buy the latest creations of American professional artists and craftsmen from the comfort of their home or office.

Through the years THE SPECTRUM has evolved into an American original — a collection of extraordinary talents. Each piece you purchase from THE SPECTRUM represents the best of American craftsmanship. Its classic design and enduring value prove its timelessness. With such a wide selection of jewelry, home furnishings and objects d’art, THE SPECTRUM provides an unparalleled opportunity for finding the perfect gift for a special occasion or just the right accessory for your home or office.

THE SPECTRUM has grown over the years, yet the philosophy has remained refreshingly unchanged — a celebration of the creative, the diverse and the incredible talents of American artists and craftsmen.


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